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Digital Thyristor Power Controller 1 Phase
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Sell Digital Thyristor Power Controller 1 Phase

Specification of Digital Thyristor Power Controller 1 Phase

• Fast response speed and high accuracy by high-speed CPUs
• Accurate feedback control (static current, static voltage, static power) with RMS measurements
• Phase control and zero-junction cycle cycle (fixed / variable cycle) method for various load controls
• Protect the inner circuit with a fast fuse installed
• Remote monitoring and remote control Supports Modbus RTU protocol by RS485
• Built-in 6 adjustable digital inputs
• Alarm output of basic variables; Current error, heating section (part of detection of heating damage), etc.
• Supports multi input control input signals (current, voltage, potention meter, etc.)
• Allows to install control parts separately
• Expenses that apply: all loads such as super canthal, platinum, molybdenum, carbon, halogen lamps, chrome, nickel, etc.
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